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Vehicle and logo wraps: For vehicles, our first love is in the racing industry but we aren’t restricted to that. We can do a full color change wrap to a simple graphic, and everything in between.

there is no one size fits all

Our Process

There is no such thing as a one size fits all for vehicle and logo wraps. It may be something as simple as getting your logo on the side of your vehicle for advertising purposes, but often we are approached with more complex projects such as full vehicle wraps. We enjoy doing those, but be advised that doing so requires a lot more love, and therefore a bit more budget. This process often entails removing components such as headlights or taillights to get the vinyl to stay on the vehicle.

Be advised: a vehicle wrap is not a miracle paint job. We often get requests to do wraps from folks who are hoping that a wrap will completely cover blemishes such as scratches or peeling clear coat. This is not the case: if you can close your eyes, run your hand on the surface of the vehicle and feel imperfections, those are likely to show through even with a wrap.

Don’t be shy about asking! We respect all customer budgets and do our best to stay within your parameters.

Some of our recent vehicle and logo wrap customers have included:

Our Most Recent Vehicle and Logo Wraps

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